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bradley-4-rack-smokerWho doesn’t love the delicious goodness of smoked food? Pulled pork, beef brisket, salmon, braised beef…the list of mouth-watering smoked dishes just goes on and on and on. Smoking is a common method to cook, flavor or preserve various goods like meat and seafood.

Even beverages and spices can be smoked sometimes! Smoked food is known for its intense taste. Compared to other dishes, smoked food is simple to make, but the taste is very satisfying and very popular in many places, it is very convenient to serve for special occasions and social gatherings.

There are various kinds of units on the market today. People can easily cook smoked food in the comfort of their own backyards regardless of the weather conditions.  Smokers are easy to use and there is surely a smoker that will suit your needs. Before you invest in a smoker, take into account your budget, your specific needs, and the kinds of food you want to smoke.

Here are some of the types of barbecue boxes that are available, choose the best one that will fit your needs:


Stovetop – These models are the simplest and easiest to use among all the barbecue boxes available. If you just want to see if smoking is for you, then you can start with this one. You can just put your special stovetop rack of meat on top of a tray with wood chips. Obviously, this does not feel like legit smoke style cooking. Typically only a few quantities can be cooked at a time and t also has the tendency to smoke up your entire kitchen without plenty of ventilation

Charcoal – These models are larger, and they are meant to be used outdoors only. There are those who say that charcoal smokers cook the best meat, but many find this type of unit inconvenient and messy. Because of the construction of charcoal smokers, you may have to constantly remove the food to replace the charcoal. The structure also makes it difficult to keep the temperature of the food consistent. Here is a review of one of the top rated charcoal models in the world.

Electric – These models tend to be the most convenient ones to use because they can easily maintain a consistent temperature and they are not as messy as charcoal units. They may also hold more food than other kinds of smokers, so it is ideal to use even in big parties and gatherings. Here is a review of one of the top rated Electric Models in the world. And, if you’re looking for a starter model that won’t break the bank, check out this Char-Broil 30 incher.

More to know about electric versions

There are those who claim that there is simply no substitute for good old charcoal and fire – but nothing can top the convenience of having an electric bbq unit. You don’t need charcoal, you don’t need to constantly check the fuel supply, and you don’t to clean up a mess after cooking.

You basically just need a few wood chips for flavor, and you are good to go. They are is ideal for apartments, condominiums and other areas that don’t allow charcoal, fuel and pellets. Those who choose electric units choose it because they are so convenient to use. You can just put your meat in the smoke chamber and almost forget about it completely.

Generally, they are easy to use and it provides a great taste. Just set the temperature, and the it will do the cooking for you. The electric model is engineered to control the temperature of your food even in unfavorable weather conditions. So you really don’t have to think of anything while cooking.

Are you thinking about making your first electric smoker purchase? Here are some things to consider.

Choosing the best version for you.

Size and cooking capacity- Size and cooking capacity are not necessarily the same. Some huge barbecue boxes only have a small cooking capacity. Choose what suits your family’s needsthe best. Determine how much each member usually eats to know how big your smoke chamber should be. Smoke chambers have shelves and racks, make sure that you get one which you can fill up because full racks enhance the flavor and cooking experience.

Insulation- Don’t forget this very important aspect of choosing a model. Insulation is the most important factor you should consider because it will actually affect the way your food will taste. Take note that outside temperature often affects insulation. Try to have a quick look at the engineering of the  smoker you are considering and research about the insulation of various electric models for comparison.

Durability- As with all the other purchases you make for your home, you probably want to invest in something that you can use for many years. Find something that is made from durable material to ensure that you will have no trouble in the future, avoid the ones with a flimsy feel.

It only makes sense to invest in something that you know you can use for a long time so make sure that the one you will choose to buy is made from the highest quality materials.

Price- Of course you need to look for the best option for the price you will pay. A high quality unit does not necessarily need to burn a hole in your pocket. There are affordable options that will still give you a great deal. Do your research before finalizing your purchase.

Here are some of the best versions you can choose from.

Bradley Four Rack Digital Model BTDS76P

Bradley offers a wide range of products for your smoking needs. For years, it has been a recognized brand and provider of barbecue boxes and other cooking-related products. They pride themselves in providing quality smoking chambers that are both functional and stylish. Bradley products are recognized leaders in the smoking industry – the Bradley Four Rack Digital BTDS76P is no different.

Here are some features of this model:

  • Measures 17 by 14 by 31 inches; 24 inches wide
  • Complete with full digital control for temperature and time
  • Controllable temperature up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Perfect for entertaining at your own home

The Bradley Four Rack Digital BTDS76P is one of the best models in town. Here are the reasons:

Design- The Bradley Four Rack Digital BTDS76P looks like a small refrigerator. It is very sleek and modern looking and it is lightweight and portable. There is no problem with the assembly of the product as well. It is convenient to assemble and also easy to transport should there be a need for it. It is also easy to use even for smoking beginners.

Perfect for entertaining- This model is made for parties! You just need to put in the meat, and go on talking to guests as the food cooks away. You won’t need to check the food every few minutes because the equipment can handle cooking the food at a stable temperature. This is a very convenient option for busy people who want to do other things while cooking. You won’t have to make the extra effort with this unit.

Capacity- The Bradley  has space for 4 racks of meat, chicken, fish and all other smoked dishes. You can conveniently put in enough food for a small crowd without worrying about the quantity. Bradley can handle the load no matter how much you give it.

Control- The Bradley  provides you with full control of the temperature, time and smoke of your food. With this feature, you can more easily cook your meat according to the way you like it. Just adjust the settings according to the style you prefer and get ready for great results.

Masterbuilt Electric Model #20070106

Masterbuilt is known as a leading innovator in various home products. It is known for producing barbecue boxes, grills, cookers and other cooking accessories. It is a company that prides itself in bringing families together through various cookware.

For years, it has manufactured thousands of products that promise durability and functionality. The Masterbuilt products have a sleek and stylish design that are easy and convenient to use as well. With Masterbuilt products, you really don’t have to worry about complicated products that are difficult to learn.

The Masterbuilt is quite a popular model because of its huge capacity and friendly price. Once you get used to using this Masterbuilt model, smoking meat will be a walk in the park. The unit also comes with a remote control which is a really unique and convenient feature. The Masterbuilt Model #20070106 has all the qualities of a good smoker and could possibly be the best electric barbecuer in town.

Here are the features of the Masterbuilt Model #20070106:

  • 2-1/2-cubic-foot with powder-coated steel exterior
  • Thermostat-controlled temperature
  • Huge capacity with 4 smoking racks
  • Made from high quality, durable materials

 Accurate digital thermometer- Those who often use smoking as a cooking technique understand that an accurate and consistent temperature is what makes the meat tender and soft. It is also the most difficult aspect of smoking because temperature can be quite difficult to control. The digital thermometer of this Masterbuilt unit effectively helps in keeping the temperature of the meat accurate and consistent.

This is very convenient because all you need to do is set the thermometer and you are good to go. The equipment will keep the temperature consistent all throughout the cooking process. You can set the thermometer between 100 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as 24 hours, but remember that you need to keep an eye on and replace the wood chips, so you might need to monitor it once in a while.

Insulation- Insulation is not really a problem with Masterbuilt. It has an insulated box installed so the weather conditions won’t affect the cooking temperature of your meat. It is basically complete and self-contained. This is a great plus if you want a hassle-free smoking experience.

Capacity- Masterbuilt Model #20070106 has a whopping capacity of 30 pounds of anything! Clearly put, it has a large capacity and it is very inexpensive. It also comes with four racks which can be conveniently used for smoking large quantities of goodies.

Economic- For all that it can do, Masterbuilt is very cost-effective and pocket friendly. Aside from the affordable price of the equipment, you will not hesitate using it again and again because it runs on electricity and you only need a few wood chips to make a fantastic meal.

Smokin It Model #1

SmokinIt is a company dedicated to satisfying your needs in the field of smoking. Are you looking for high quality units? Smokin It is the company you need! It promises to offer high-quality products that will make your food taste amazing.

Smokin It started in 2009, and ever since then it has been trying to provide the best quality at the best price. The husband and wife team behind Smokin It are devoted to offering high quality customer service to ensure that all of their clients are satisfied with their products and other purchases.

Here are the features of Smokin It Model 1:

  • Huge capacity. Can accommodate up to 22 lbs. of meat per load
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Promises convenient customer service
  • Smokin It is considered by some as the best around. Here are some of the reasons:


This  unit promises flavor. With the right type and amount of wood chips, Smokin It Model 1 will surprise you with the intense smoky taste that will burst in your mouth the moment you take the first bite of your smoked meat.

Even if you only use a small amount of wood chips, you can still get the nice and smoky flavor you are going for. Also, the meat will not lose its moisture even if you put it in the smoke chamber for long hours. It will be tender and absolutely delicious, expect something good to come out of this Smokin It Model


Smokin It Model 1 has a very simple design, and it is also very simple to use. No need to worry about complicated instructions. It is very practical and you can put it to use easily, just make sure to marinade or spice your meats according to your taste, and you are good to go. SmokinIt has a very straightforward approach to smoking. For practical users, this simplicity is very, very appealing.

Functional and Durable

 With all the elements of the model #1 combined, you will realize that it is extremely functional. It gets the job done in the simplest way possible. Also, Smokin It Model 1 has a very durable design that is made to last. The equipment itself looks sturdy and stable, so you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear on your equipment with constant use.

Customer Service

Smokin It is a company that prides itself on quality customer service. Although it is a relatively new company, Smokin It does a good job on reaching out to satisfy all those who choose to buy their products. You can easily call them for help for assembly or cooking instructions. They will gladly help you with your product needs with just a quick call.


An electric smoker is a good investment if you want a convenient way to cook your food. Before making your purchase, it is important to determine your own needs. None of the models are perfect, but there are several which can satisfy your most important needs. Before you make a purchase, decide on which features you prioritize. An electric version is a good addition to any home. It can liven up your parties, and it can spice up any meal.



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